Some of the Neighbourhood kitties I hang out with.


The cat Fanciers' Association, Inc.

An American site with a great description of the Burmese personality.



A great Australian site with info and advice including a vet directory and health articles.


Burkes Backyard

An Australian TV show, featuring a story on Burmese produced in 2000.



A brief description on the burmese personality. Includes other features such as: Pet Trivia, Select-a-pet &Publications.


Cat World

Lists Burmese breeders throughout Australia by State. Includes breeders for other breeds of cat & forums.


Cats of Australia

Listing of Australian Breeders, Breed Profiles, Articles, Online Catteries & Products.


Pets Oz

Pet forum and info on all things pet related. Includes a chat room.


Australian Cat Federation

Gives a description of the possible colours of Burmese and the breed standards.



Buy and sell all your goods on this great classifieds site.


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