I have many years of experience with pets ranging from managing a chain of pet stores to a family history of breeding quality kittens. Here at Suchi we have endeavoured to produce kittens from the best award winning bloodlines. We think personality and looks are important. We ensure all the kitten are thoroughly vet checked are at the correct weight and size and completely healthy before they leave to go to their new homes!

At Suchi we aim to stay a small and customer orientated cattery. We offer ongoing advice and boarding services for the kittens we have sold. Being small means that we can dedicate more time to our kittens, therefore producing friendly, healthy kittens and also reduce the risk of disease that is impossible to prevent in large catteries.

All our cats and kittens are kept indoors and are part of the family. They sleep under the covers and get lots of attention and love.

I am currently located on the North Shore of Sydney, Australia, and am more than happy for people to book in a time to come and meet my furry family!




Suchi is a registered breeder with the New South Wales Cat Fanciers' Association Incorporated. Lic No 125232.

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